The Realoscope of Ringgold Valley

by Lance Justin Peter Okones & illustrated by Chris Trefz

About the Series

Join Lisa and Brian as they use an amazing invention called the Realoscope to explore the galaxy. Teaming up with an outgoing alien named Deedle, the three friends learn about the solar system while having fun adventures.

Book 1: The Realoscope of Ringgold Valley
"The big science fair at Ringgold Valley Elementary school is just one day away and Lisa and Brian need moon dust for their exhibit. Where do you find moon dust? On the Moon, of course! How do fourth graders get to the moon? With the Realoscope!

Book 2: Bumper Cars in the Kuiper Belt
A misplaced gift from another planet sends Lisa, Brian, and Deedle on a breath taking ride to the edge our solar system! One by one, the three friends get up close views of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and little Pluto. Then they're off on a wild bumper car ride through space that ends in wonder! Join Lisa, Brian, and Deedle as they journey to the place where comets are born!

What do people think?

"The story is easy to read for young readers or perfect for a bedtime story. The excitement for learning leaps off the page from the beginning to the last page. With the help of the 'Realoscope', Lisa and Brian are able to make a new friend in the process of learning more about the moon. The details of the moon dust are great; you can almost feel the surface under your feet."


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